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Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry

With a long tradition of 137 years of academic activities in the pharmacy and 57 years in medical biochemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry is one of the oldest faculties within University of Zagreb. Today we are proud of our academic excellence in teaching, scientific and technical achievements, and social responsibility. The Faculty offers a doctoral study programme under the name of Pharmaceutical-Biochemical Sciences. The doctoral study programme comprises two modules:
pharmaceutical sciences module and medical-biochemical sciences module.

In 2017, Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education issued the label of high level of quality to our doctoral study programme on the basis of reaccreditation procedure which includes the recommendation of an international expert panel.

Every academic year FBF welcomes under its wing new PhD students with a mission to educate them as top experts and scientists in the field of pharmaceutical and medical-biochemical sciences.

The University of Zagreb Centre for Research, Development and Technology Transfer

The University of Zagreb Centre for Research, Development and Technology Transfer provides support to research groups at the University in exploitation of research results, helping them to shape their innovative ideas into viable business propositions. We work with research groups from all disciplines in assessing the commercial potential of new technologies and develop commercialization and intellectual property protection strategies, and can support negotiation of R&D and commercialisation agreements and assist in creation of knowledge-based entrepreneurial initiatives.

We also support University of Zagreb research groups and industry to establish lasting partnerships and work with a variety of stakeholders on development of initiatives that strengthen the innovation system. We assist research groups in securing financing for research, development and innovation and provide project management support to University projects funded through programmes such as Horizon 2020 or Erasmus+, or national HAMAG-BICRO Proof-of-Concept (PoC) Programme.

In 2018, the University of Zagreb became Croatian Hub for EIT Health Knowledge and Innovation Community, as a part of the EIT Health Regional Innovation Scheme. Centre for Research, Development and Technology Transfer assists EIT Health to identify the best talents, entrepreneurs and start-ups and link them to EIT Health programmes and initiatives, as well as to develop the local health innovation ecosystem.