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Registration is required to participate in one or more Winter School Week 2020 events. Participation in all events is free of charge.

Registration in the 2-day short course “Pitching Your Innovation Proposal to Industry & Investors” is limited to 40 participants.

Webinar registrations are not affected by this limit.

In order to obtain the Winter School of Research Commercialisation certificate, participation in the 2-day short course and two (out of three available) webinars is necessary.

Following your registration you will receive an e-mail confirmation.


24 November: Technology Transfer Insights - Manufacturing Innovation in Pharma (webinar) *Registration closed25 November: Research Commercialization and Intellectual Property Primer (webinar) *Registration closed26 November: Building New Ventures in Bio & Health (webinar) *Registration closed27 & 28 November: Pitching Your Innovation Proposal to Industry & Investors (short course) *Registration closed



Only for those registering for the short course on 27 & 28 November
Dear registrants, the following questions are not marked as obligatory, as those registering only for the webinars do not need to fill in these questions. Nevertheless, if you would like to take part in the short course, please fill in this info as it will be necessary for the approval of your participation.